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NEWS: Garden Information Ambassadors Wanted: Share Your Plant Expertise at the Safari Park

By Susan LaFreniere.

Hundreds of visitors a day! The San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s Nativescapes, Baja, and Old World Gardens are getting huge exposure now that the new Walkabout Australia experience has opened. An ADA path now winds through the lower Baja Garden. For those guests who can navigate them, two short flights of stairs now lead up to the main Garden Trail. Up to fifty visitors per hour now explore the gardens, translating to hundreds of people per day.

The Park is creating positions for garden information ambassadors, which can be filled by garden society members with California natives or cactus and succulent knowledge. You will be located in the gardens, explaining garden history, the differences among the gardens, and talking about the plants and conservation. Information ambassadors contribute sixty hours each year or more. This is a great opportunity to be among the plants we love, without the need for all the physical work. Training to become a Safari Park volunteer is required.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete an online application; indicate on your application that you are interested in the garden information ambassador position.

  • Attend and complete orientation

  • Complete a scavenger hunt of the Safari Park and two mentor sessions

You get to talk with people from all over the world; be surrounded by a peaceful, beautiful environment; have access to the Park; earn free tickets to the Zoo/Park for friends or relatives; and share the wonders of succulents. Visit the Zoo's Volunteer page for more details, or contact Monica at the Volunteer Services office at 760-796-5698.

Susan LaFreniere is a Garden Information Ambassador at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

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