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NEWS: Let's Talk Plants! Moves Online

By Susan Starr.

August 2017 was the last print issue of the SDHS newsletter, Let’s Talk Plants! Launched shortly after the founding of the Society in 1994, the newsletter grew into a twenty page monthly publication that includes contributions from multiple columnists as well as news related to SDHS and horticulture in San Diego.

Let’s Talk Plants! is, by all accounts, a successful and well-read horticultural publication. So why the upcoming change? At its inception, the newsletter appeared only in print. In August 2009, as prices for mailing skyrocketed, a PDF version of the newsletter was added, allowing members to read it online instead. Members could continue to receive the newsletter in print format, but only for an additional fee to cover part of the mailing costs. Few members took advantage of the print option. Meanwhile, those who received the free PDF version have found it difficult to read and digest, a problem that was exacerbated by the advent of smart phones with their small screens. It gradually became apparent that a new version of the newsletter, one that could be easily read on phones and tablets as well as on computers, was needed.

So we are replacing the print issue and its PDF counterpart with a new online website devoted solely to Let’s Talk Plants! Each month, members will receive an email when new content is added to the site. You will be able to click on articles of interest and go directly to that material, or you can browse the site’s home page to find all our news and columns. All the content on the site will be searchable by topic and date, and readers can easily share articles with friends on social media. The beautiful pictures that have been a key feature of Let’s Talk Plants! will be on the new site as well.

I hope you will enjoy our new newsletter format. Of course, like any new venture, there will be plenty of room for improvements. Let us know what you like and what you think would make the newsletter better. Please send your comments and suggestions to

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