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NEWS: Take a Class (or Two) and Be Inspired!

ENRICH YOUR LIFE at San Diego Botanic Garden

As summer begins, our education classes at San Diego Botanic Garden really heat up! This month, we are offering “The Art & Science of Composition,” a brand new class that’s fundamental to taking great pictures in our Garden and yours! Register for one of these TERRIFIC classes today at or call 760/ 436-3036 x 201.

Mosaic Mirrors: Make a beautiful shell mirror for your home! This class is fun and the technique is easy to learn. Participants will use a variety of shells in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Embellish your mirrors with a variety of glass gems, stones, and pearls. Thursday, June 1 from 9am–1pm.

The Art & Science of Composition: No matter what type of photography you enjoy, composition is fundamental to taking great pictures. In this four-hour workshop, students will practice compositional techniques using the rule of thirds, filling the frame, using lines and shapes, and learning how to simplify. All levels welcome. Saturday, June 3 from 9am–1pm.

A Fresh Start: How to Use Soul Collage to Discover Your Hidden Creativity: Discover how the poetry of images can uncover hidden resources and activate brain areas key to finding creative solutions you didn’t know that you knew! Saturday, June 10 from 9:30am–4pm.

Watercolor Pencil Botanical Journaling: Watercolor pencils are great for journaling and traveling. Colors become vibrant when water is applied to the paper surface. Sunday, June 11 from 9:30am–4pm.

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