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FROM THE BOARD: SDHS Leadership Openings

By Jim Bishop.

Is SDHS on the verge of a leadership crisis?

August seems like a long way off, but we have several key board members whose terms expire that month. Most notably is President! Without new board members, it is unclear how SDHS will move forward and continue day to day operations. Most of the positions take just a few hours a month and most of the activities can be done from home. Additionally, we have paid staff to help with clerical and bookkeeping activities.

We are also looking for a new membership chair to replace Cindy Benoit and a volunteer chair to replace Patty Berg and are in need of a volunteer to coordinate next year’s garden tour. It could be done as a co-chair if you know of someone you would like to work with. A lot of effort has been made over the last several years to make the board work easier and more flexible to meet volunteer’s schedules. The good news is that by volunteering now, you will have several months to learn about the position and be ready to start in August. In addition to these positions, 3 one-year member-at-large positions become available in August. At-large positions are an opportunity to learn more about the organization and potentially move into a 3-year position.

I encourage you to take the leap and volunteer to help lead this dynamic organization. Or maybe you have someone in mind that just needs a little nudge and reassurance that they can do it. It is a wonderful opportunity to play a major role in the San Diego horticultural community. The most important qualification is a passion for our mission and a desire to work with like-minded people eager to move our organization forward. You do not need to be a plant expert, although some knowledge doesn’t hurt. Please contact me ASAP with your intention to serve or send questions to me at:

Debra Lee Baldwin 2017 Horticulturist of the Year Honoree

We are pleased to announce that Debra Lee Baldwin has been named our 2017 Horticulturist of the Year. We all know Debra from her books, lectures, hands on demonstrations, blog and career as a garden writer. She has been the monthly speaker at several of our monthly meetings and always draws one of our largest crowds. Not only is Debra well known locally, but she also has a large national and international following. Her books on succulents have made a huge impact on the way many people garden. With her help, succulent gardens, pots and plants have gained a place in almost every San Diego landscape. On June 12th, we will honor Debra at our annual “Night at the Fair” meeting held in the display gardens at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar. Parking is free for everyone and admission is free for SDHS members. So be sure and save the date. You will also get to see all the other wonderful garden exhibits at the fair, as well as the SDHS garden exhibit that celebrates “Urban Homesteading”.

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