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A New Year and a New Editor

In last month’s issue of Let’s Talk Plants!, Susi Torre-Bueno detailed her twenty years of devotion to the SDHS newsletter. Thanks to her capable and talented direction, we have an amazing newsletter with ten monthly columns written by twenty-two members, along with a dedicated group of volunteers who help to bring the newsletter together each month. Not to mention the advertisements from our wonderful sponsors which allow us to bring the newsletter to you all.

I am excited, and a bit awed, to be taking over Susi’s position. I served for six years as the editor of the Journal of the Medical Library Association, a scholarly journal of peer reviewed articles. I am sure that experience will be helpful in this position, as well as my experience editing a number of club newsletters. Nevertheless, Susi, with her energy, drive, and creativity, is indeed a difficult act to follow.

Fortunately, I know I have a great deal of support from our contributors and other volunteers. My own background is as a science librarian. I worked at UCSD in the science libraries; when I retired, in 2007, I was the administrator for the three science libraries and also director of the Biomedical Library.

Gardening is a more recent passion for me. Once I retired, I realized I finally had time to pursue what had always been something of an occasional hobby. Now I am a docent at the San Diego Botanic Garden, a Master Gardener, former chair of the Spring Garden Tour, and, with this issue, I become your editor.

The newsletter is ours, not mine, so I hope to hear from many of you in the coming months. Are there changes you’d like to see? New columns you think we should add? Ways we could improve?

If you have suggestions, please email me at

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